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Investment Criteria

Live Spring is dedicated to acquiring, running, and growing a single U.S. based privately held business. We recognize that every business is unique and evaluate each company on their own merits. 

Our acquisition structure is highly flexible with the ability to move quickly, but the opportunity should satisfy most of the following criteria.

Business Characteristics

  • High recurring revenue

  • Loyal and diversified customer base

  • Strong team culture in place

Financial Criteria

  • Revenue: $3-40mm

  • Annual Cash Flow: $1-7mm

  • 3 year history of profitability

Owner Situation

  • Owner looking to exit and/or transition day to day responsibilities

  • Motivated seller for non-business reasons

  • No obvious successor to take over business


  • Fragmented market

  • Opportunity to grow either organically or through acquisition

  • Non-cyclical, recession resistant

If you are a business owner considering exit options, we can provide the ideal solution for you.

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